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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  January 19, 2013 6:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 3 3 i said uh... pause... 3 lance armstrong comes clean in the final part of his interview with oprrh.the question that got him choked up. 3 and... nn more body scannerr. the reasoo the t-s-a is phasing them out.. and when they should bb completely gone from airports. 3
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3 adlib hello saturday januury 19th 3
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3 showing your team spirit s a tradition hhre in baltimore, and you can't go anywwere inn town withouu sseing our colors displayed proudly. however, -3 it is not the same situution in new ennland right now. &p3 that's where joel d. smith is embedded as we continue our coverage of the ravees trip back to the -f-c championship game. joel d, we know they &&pdon't have purple friday tteee in providence, but don't they have something equivalent? 3 3
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3 ááchat with joeeáá
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3 3 fox45 eww ...wiil have continuing coverage... of the & a-f-c championship game.we'll hhve live reports from foxboro in alllnewscasts this weekend. 3
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3 and even though ew ennland issseven hours away... you can still trash talk those patriots fans. our sister station nnw england - challenged us tt a twitter the gaae and use the hash tag p"atriots beat down". yyu can see what other & ravens fans are saying... and what patriots fans re saying in going to -3 foxbaltimmre dot ccm. look for "tweet beat" under - hot topics. 3 when the ravens win... as we all know they will... b-w-i thurgood marshall airport is reminding people ttat theeteam will not be vailable to the public when they arrive back in 33& the past... fans have greeted the ravens at the terminal... &pbut that will not be the case this year. . the state leggslature now measures governor o'malley wants passed this session. surrounded by police chiefs and lawmmkers...the governor announced hhwill seek a bannon 3 weapons...limit maggzine capacity to ten rounds...and
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requirethoseebuyingghandguns for safety training.the governor also included 25-mmllionndollars in his bbdget toimmrove seccrity in public schools. 3 (governor) "the risk wlll never go away but it ouud - well be that thh actions we takk could very well prevenn another tragedy like newtown.""- newtown." ,3 (pipkin) "at the end of the day, whether the governor likessit noo not, un owership ii an innividual right and he's making ii diffiiult for those who don't have means to be able to do it." it."another bill would ptrengthen backgroundchecks f the mentally ill...who have a historyof violence. 3 p a mother in queens new york is under arrest... after her 7-year old son &pbrought a gun to school in his backpack. it happened friday orning at wave preparatory eleeentary school. a school safety officer found ammunition, and a flare gun & insiie the second grader's backpack. children were told
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tt hide in the bathrroms and closets. -3 3 ""e were scared.... q: of my mmm." 3 police the boy's mother stassed the gun in her child's backpack and forgot about it. when she realized her mistake, she rushed to the sshool and pulled her son out of class, prying to cover it up... by -3 saying he had a dental -&pappointment. & 3&p after the tragedy attsandy hook elementary school people in connecttcut are trying to decide what to do with the puilding. in a town meeting last night about where the new ssndy hook should be located. the principal offthe columbine high school in colorado....ven reached out to parent and teaccers of sandy hook..... giving advice on what their school did after
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3 3 a 5 year old ennsylvania girl is suspended from school.. and labeled a "terroristtthreat..." for comment she maae at aabus stop. the girl told aclassmate.. sheewassgoinn to shoot a bubble gun at her.that's when the school suspenned her for - 10 the girl's -3 parents have hired an attornny to fighh the suspension.the school district ays that they 3 thousandssof national guard troops are in d-c this weekend... ready for theeinauguratioo. nats 3 more than 6- thousand guardsmen were given arrest powers as thhy arrivee in the nation's capptol.many will help with security uring the inaugural parade anddother will be placed near the - convention center for security at the inaugural's an - hooor that many of these troops are looking forward to. &p ive ever been to an inauguration so its really an honor to come down downthere are so mann guard
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members n town that sii city sshoolss wll be turned into hotels... and military cooks will prepare 18-thousand meaas a day. 3& today is a national day of service... and president obama and the first lady will be at an evvnt today. vice - president joe biden and hhs & pife will also volunteer in -3 the washinnton area. the national day of to honor civil rights leader dr. martin luther king. 3 the 13th annual martin luther kiig junior arade kicks off downtown at noon.the parade will feattue community marching bands, high-stepping fraternittes and much more. more. amber miller joins us nowwlive from martin luther parade wwlllbeein. 3 p3 at 33 noon.. the paaade
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3 at at noon.. the parade will marchh south on martin luther king boulevard endinggat baltimoree street. 3 ááchat with amberáá 3 p3 baltimore street.
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33 ending at ,3baltimore street. -3 3 tinseltown comes to charm city... in a new movve out
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this weekend. weekend..he movie "luvv is the stooy of an eleven-year old boy -- who idolizes his exxconvict uncle. . dennis haysbert andd harles s. duttoo star in the film. dutton is from bbltimore, and both actorr say it was the movie. 3 haysbert says: "we were really under the radar, it was a low- budget film and we deelt with the people in the path, and raaely diddwe have a chance to -3 gooout, but i had worked in baltimore before n 'major league 2' so i had much more entree iito the inner-workingss and the outer-workings and tte &pbeauty that is baltimore but -3 didn't have a hance to o a lot." lot."dutton sayss "well i'm -3 from baatimore, i'm originally from baltimore, i haveea famr county so i've got good things po say about baltimore and ad things to say about baltimore.
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whennyou're from ssoewhere, it.""luv" is in theeters now. 3 coming up... 3 a soup tooswear by.the five ingredieets in this broth that people sayy. ii better at curing thh flu.. thhn a vaccine. 3 áátony adlibsáá 3 you're watching 3 fo
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p3 "ladies and gentlemen the 44th president of the united 3 obama." you might not recognize the face... buu you mighh recognize the voice. that'sscharlie brotman. he's the official inaugural parade announcer and he's getting ready for monday's inauguration of presidentt barack obama. the 85-year old washingttn d-c broadcaster as served as the parade ssnce eisenhower in 3 will make 15 inaugurations in a row for ccarlie. 3 p"harlie: as the announcer i get a really big charge out of rubbing shoulders with famous people and that's what happens." happens." charlie brotmmn actually got his sttrt aa the inaugural parade announcer for harry truman way he was a student at a washington broaddasting school when thh call came in. -3 by 1957... the job was his for good.. 3 ááadlii chaaáá
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3 3-
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3 poming up... 3 manti te'o.. runn defense on his personal llfe.wwaa the football tar has agreed to do off- camera... to help settle the debate ovee what he knew about an elaborate hoax. 3 and... nnw term... new military.the major changes coming to ameriia's rmed forres during president pbama's next four're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal morring. &p
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3 3 3 new this morning... a suburban new york cityynewspaper removes the names and addresses of -3 residents with gun permits from its website. the journal news published an inttractive map ttaa pinpointed thousands of permit holddrs in westchester and rockland countiis. the paperrpublished -3& phe list after last month'' connecticut. &p it outraged gun owners and the state legislature in new york just passed a law
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strrnnthening gun owner privacy laws. & the pubbisher of the paper says its not legalll equiied to takeedown the list... but doing so complies with the spirit of the new law. speaking out about whht he's 3 personal life. eepn says it will intervieww & te'o off camera.. and that the nettork will mmke audio clips of the session availableelater. thh notre dame -linebacker says he was duped & into an online relationssiop with a woman whose death wass faked. skeptics have questioned the versions of eveets laiddoot y te'o and notte damm. te'o never said previously the relationship as strictly &ponline... but had publicly used hhs girlfriend'ssddath as inspiration foo his on-field - play. 3p the military is facing 500-billion-dollars in mandatory budget cuts ... thaats if congress doesn't act. after monnhs of dire predictions, thh reality oo cctttng troopp is closer to becoming a reality. barbara starr exxlains how the
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president's second term will briig major changes for america's mmlitary. military. -3 3 the war in iraq is over,,the war in afghanistan s wrapping up, but the pentagon s still spending nnarly 6500billion this year. he chaalenge: ressapinggamericaas military. "i think the fundamental & challenggs are two. one is to fit what is now a ten pound defense progrrmminto hat is likely to be a five pound admmnistration has really -3 reorderee the priorities for defense."outgoing defense secretary leon anetta warnee, that pivot is ssential. 3 by rising powers in the asia pacific regionnanddturmoil across the middle ast ann with doonsizing the army. ens
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of housands of trropssmay be cut from the force over the next severaa ears. with no -large conventional round -3 wars, a smaller army will hhve specific units to be ready to go to particular regions such as africa or asia. military budget analyst andrew -3 krepenevich says it makes sense."instead of senning to conduuttstability operatiins as we did in iraa and afghanistan, we should take a more indirect approach - and that is we shoold be - willing to train nd advise & and equip local forces as opposee to sending our own forces in."but whee the us needs firepower on tte ground: be first up. successes in the raid that killed osama in laden, drone attacks in pakistan and yemen and 3 terrorists in somalia have underscoree the obbma aaministration's belief small, lethal, eliie uniis are a
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crucial advantage."so if we have notion that special forces can help us solvv very preciss problems, then clearly you don't want to lose that." //"that capability is sacrosanct, and t will continue o improve."but the ultimate driver of areshaped military and a ew generation of eapons: monny. the era off expensive fighter jets and multi ton battle tanks may e ebbing. morr drones, robots and cyber wwrfare systems will the emphasis is going to be on systems wwih longer range and -3& unmanned systems.""for now, phe military hopes to be able to stick to the restruccuring plan. but ii congressscannot enact a new budget and the $500 illion in mandatory cuts are then enacted, well then defense secretary panetta says the next our years could see a us military unable to meet
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it's ccomitments around the world. barrara starr, cnn, the pentagon." -3 3 3 the massive spending cuts will impact all branches of thh 3 marcc to act. & 3 ccming up... 3 aa olddfashioned remedy... that has people lining up -& arrund the block.theefive ingredients in this soup... phat they swear will cure the flu. &p3 ((amber live tease))marching 33 annual martin luther king -3 parade icks off at oon--and you're watching fox 45 morniig news...all local..
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33 ááaldib over miirowave shotáá p3 ááchat with tonyáá
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3 we are only one day away from inding out if thh avens aae the eaa of ddstiny so many of s hope hey are. let's head up to the stadiumm 3 joel d smith hassbeen in neww pngland for a couple days and reinforcements are on the way! p ggod orning jjel dd nottmuch competition yet for football excitement yee for football xcitement -3 3 excitement
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3 ..... feels like any other 3& january weekend. 3
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3 áááchat with joel d.ááá 3 3 we'reefollowing ray's laat ride all thh wayyto the superdome in new orleans.sse our ssories on the ravens iiterviews from the players... & and finn other web llnks by going to our websitee.. foxbaltimore dot com. cllcc - on tte "ray's lasttridd" & banner on our homepage. the ay you buy tickets to big events & liie the ravens or ccncerrs could change. -3 maryland's highest court ruued ttat service fees chhrged by ticketmaster is similar to scalping. that decision could end up in buyers getting
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peffnds. it all sttms from a class 3 federal court in 2011. attorneys hat - brought the lawwsit claim service chhrges are a way of masking the real price of tickets.. and are used to drive up the price of eventt. p police are looking for theeperson wwo shot man at bar in odennon -3 early this morning. 3 it happened around 1-33. a 45- year -old man is in life threateninggcoodition fter he was shot whileeat my place barr & nd lounge n annapolis road - police haveeno motives or suspects aa this timm. 3 some stunning revelations on phe first ddy of estimony in -3 the misconducc trial of anne arundel county executive john 3 medlin oversaw leopold's daily schedule. she explained hoo -3 leopold'sssecurity deeaillwas ordered to keep is new girllrrend a good diitance
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away from his live-in girlfriend. there was allo 3 monitoring the placement of campaign signs. but, theemost shocking testimony came as medlin told of how she had too drain her bosses' catheter bag to timee a ddy for almost a yyar. medlin testified she did it out of fear she'd lose her job. one formerrstaff ember just hopes medlin's testimony leads to a conviction. 3 21:47:47 it's the right 3 offfcials to be held accountabll and it's not fiar juut because you are a person of power you use that power to perhaps use it tt intimidate oohers to make people do things that aren't in thhir job description. 21:48:01 & 21148:00 leopold isson trral for charres of misappropiation and misconduct in office.. this terrible flu season has claimed the life of a balttmore child. the pealth deparrment sayssa child who died in decemberrdid in ffcc die of thh flu virus.
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3 everyone that the flu vacciie is still available anddthat getting the shot can save people all over he country are scrambliig to get their flu shot... but in ssuthern califoonia they're lining up for a more natural & remedy.people there swear by & the healing powers of the 3 "jorge's mexi-ca-tessen." made with fresh chicken, rice, onion, tooato avocado, cilantro, and broth.. peoole pine up dozens deep to gee their handsson the dish that they say s just tte right blenn for fighting the flu. but is there a secret -3 ingreeient??- 33 jorge says: "most of the places they uue lmonnor lime, -3 i don't uss t, i let peoppe -&ptasse the flavor of my soup. i don't use it bc my mother never put lemon or lime, thh wwy i serve it is tte way i use to do it." it."yeakey saas: "right away you startteating it, you 3 bettee."ii yoo're looking tt
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give that coll a kick... it 3 33 thee13th annual martin luther king juniorrparade kicks oof innjust a couple hourr.the paarde not only honors the civvl iihts leaderrbut also those who have made an effort to carry on hhsslegacy. legacy.amber iller joins us parade route ddwntown. downtown. 3 the parade 3 will marcc outh on martin luther king boulevard ending at ballimore street.a press conference at city hall is schedulld for 10:30 this mooninggtt kick off celebbations. 3 ááchat with amberáá -3
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3 coming up... the truth.. comes out. says was the moot humbling moment of his tell- all interview with oprah. 3 áátony addibsáá 33 you're atching fox 45 morning &&ppnws.. all local.. all -3 morning. 3
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3 ruff.> 3 purple pride has no age limitt at liberty road recreation and parks chhldcare center in owinns mills olds werr decked out in black and purple--aal readyyfor sundaa's big game. teachers led the pre-schholers in their pre-game celebrations by throwing tailggte party---with all the fixings. 3 ááadlib chatáá 33 ((ad lib mmeeorologgst))
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3 an end... to the virttal scanner.when the maahines could be out f aiiports orr good. 3 iisaid uh... pause... 3and... lance armsttong comes question that got hii choked up. you're watching fox 45 & morning news.. all local.. all morning.
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3 3 new thissmorning... the obama administration confirms that an amerrcaa workkr at a &pnatural gas compllx in algeria has been founn dead. the worker is from texas... hhs cause of death still isn't nown... bbt - his remains were recooered. more than 132 foreign workers were 3 in algeria. almost a hundred of them 3 kklled siice the start of rrscue efforts yesterday. questions remain remaining hostages. 3 airpoot body scannerr ill soon be channing & at the nation's airports. the transporttaion - security administration are getting rid of thosee controversial full body & scanners. critics called them "virtuaa strip seerches". - passengers will conttnue to pass through & machines thht display a generic outtine of tte human body... which raises ffwer privacy concerns.
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3 cincinnati bengals player andre smith is out on bail thii morning... after security ageets found aa &ppun in his caary-on baa attan - atlanta airport. smith appeared in -3 court... shackled... s his family waachhd the proceedings. smith's attorney says he didn't realize tte pistol wws in is baa. not ooly will he face egal problems... but he coulddbee punished by the nfl as well. 3 the second and ffnal part of oprah winfrey's interview with laace armstrong aired just hours ago.assralitsa vassileva (rah-lee-tsah vah-see-leh-vvh) pells us... in the -3 innerview... the former cyclinggstar says he has no remorse for what he'' done. -3 done. 3 oprah winfrey - whicc was broadcast onnfriday lance world as fallennaaoundd im. the disgraced cyclist was more emotional in the second pootionn- notably when talking about how one of his ,
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3& children had been defending him.i told uke i said - (pauses)i said on't defenn me &panymorr (pauses)the most humbling moment - he says - 3 wildly successful liveetrong foundation that he started.the fouudation is like my sixtt child nd to make that decision and to step asideewas - that was biimore than 4.3 &pmillion vvewers tuned inn thursday to hear armstrong finallyyadmit hh used peeformanne-enhancing drugs - as weel as underwent blood transfuuionn - in order too ggin an advantage.thhs after a &pdecade of denials.armstronggs record strrng of seven tour de 3 franceetitles have been stripped - same with his 2000 olympic bronze meddl.the u-s aati-doping agency as put a lifetime ban on he cyclist. however aamstrong says he would like to be allowed back into the ccmpptetive sporting the most popular annwer ut i think i deserve ii
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3 p --flash--i deserve to be punishee - 'm noo sure thaa i deserve a eath penalty armstrong concedes he has an uphill battle back into sanctioned sports.the u-s anti &pddpinn agency organization says to consider reversing ttat, he needs to confess unndr oath - not to oprah wwnfrey.i'm ralitsa vassiieva repoottig. 3 new at seven... 3 a major recall... on two popular family vehiclee.what & to do if your car is one of -3 them. 3 t's national ggn appreciation day.. the proposed legislltion that's promptinn tte evvnt... pnd the message organizerss you're watchhng fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all morning. -3 3 ((breakk7))
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3 gun purchases have skyrocketed &paround the country amid thh this afttr the
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& massacre at sandy hhok 3 connecticuu. inn aryland... the ovvrnor wants to restrict acccss to firearms... and on the national llvel.. the president is calling for more restrictions as well. that's prompttd & gun enthusiasts to hold "gun 3& therr are several events peing held in scott mccurley from & "horrt & mccann firearms" -33 joins us this morring with more on that.
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3 3 nnw at seven...
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3 it's not just for wrinkles anymmreethe medical problem & cure. 3 ((amber live teese)))earing up for a great time- honoriig a great leeder.the countdown is on for baltimore's 133h annual martin luuher kinn jjnior're watthing fox 45 porning news.. all local.. all morning.
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&p --leaa in--president obama's sworn innto his second termmin office..e're taking a look moments from hissfirst four yeers.check it out.four years. moments from his first at some of the funniest we're taking a
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look ack term in office.sworn in to his second days away from being president obama's just --lead in-- --leaddin-- -3 president obama's just daas away from being swornnin to we're taking a look back at &ppooe f thh funniest moments from his first four years. ---eporter ppg-as folloos-- &ppollows-- yoo can be n oon &ppersonalized fooecast. i-radar is now foxbalttmore dot available at i-radar issnow forecast.own peesonalized you can be in 3follows-- follows--check it out.four - years.moments from his first at some of the funniees weere - taking a look back we''e taking a look back attsome of the funniest moments from his first four ears.check it oot.. --reporter pkg-as follows-- pollows-- 3 you caa be in charge of your own forrcast. i--addr is now available at foxbaltimorr dot com. use the interactive tools o track coming ssorms down to go to com slash i-radar 3 ((breaking news animation))) 1 to 1 - 2 top ines1 tt 1 - 11 pop line 3 animation)) ((breakiig news 3 ((weather)) &p3 foxbaltimore dot 3 track coming interactive tools foxbaltimore dot i-radar is now forecast.own you can be in 3follows-- follows-- --rrporter pkg-as check it ouu.four years. moments from his first at some of the funniest we're taking a -3 llok back term in office.sworn in to his econd days away prom being president obama's just --lead in-- 3 3 and click on log ooto - fox happens.whee crime yyuucan tracc 3 overlap - 22top line2 to - 2 pop lines2 to 1 - 1 top line1 to 1 - 1 tp line 3 aniiation))) 3& ((weather)) 3 foxbaltimorr dot storms down to interactivv toolss use the om. foxbaltimore dot available at -radar issnow available at 3 3
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ááchat with tonyáá 3 3 showing your team spirit is a 3 and ou can't go anywhere baltimore, anddyoo tradition here in team spirit is a showing your 3 -3 3 ááchat with tonyáá
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3 3 3 showing yyur team spirit is a traditionnhere in baltimore, and yyu can't go anywhere in town without sseing our colors displayed proudly. however, it is not the same situatiin in new ennland rrghh now. - that's where joel d. mith is embedded as ww continue our coverrgeeof the ravens trip back to the a-f-c champiooship gamee game. joel d, we know 3they don't have purrle ffiday there in providence, but don't they havvesomethhng equivalentt equuvalent? 3
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3 ááchat with joeláá & 3&pfox45 eww ...will have pontinuinn coverage... of the a-f-- ccampionnhippgame.we'll have ive reports from foxboro in all newscasts this weekend. -3 3 and even though new
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engllnddis seven hours away... you can still trrsh ttlk those sister statiin new england & challengeddussto a twitter battle.tweet yourrthoughhs on the game and use the hash tag you can see what other ravens fans areesayingg...and what patrioos fans are saying &pii return.. by going o foxbaltimore dot com. look for "tweet beat" under hot topiis. 3 goverror martin o'malley's wind prrpossl is getting a lot of sspporttin the state senate. thomas mmller said the governor's proposal hhss24 sponsors. all a bill peeds to pass the chamber is 3 the measure would help devvlop wwnd power off the coast offocean city. it would cost residennial rattpayerssa dollar ann 50- pents more a month on their electric bblls. 3&pa car crash in anne arundell happened just after 2 thissmornnng on shore 3 a 40 year old man and a 15
7:07 am
year old were taken to thh word on a cause. -33 his seconn inauggration s just days away... and o far... more than haaf of aaericans say president obbma hhs met tteir expectatioos as he heads nto his secood term. according to a --n-n/o-r-c polll.. the pressdentthas an - overall approval raitiig of 55 &ppercent.when it comee to the issues however.. 51 percent disapprove f ow he's handling the economy... and 57 percent on't like his plans for the deeifit. 3 preparations are underray in university of maryland's marching and willlbe pounninn the pavement down pennsylvania avenne on monday. the - 222-member band beat out hundredssof other marching bands forrthe honor. 3 (ssudent) "this wiil be my very last perrormance with the mighty sound f aryland cause im raduating ii may"((tuddnt )"i think it shows a ot of
7:08 am
the pride we have in thiss university..and urrstate" state" the first pressdential parade the university of maryland pprformed in was in 1917.... for president woodrrw wilson. 3 tooay is a national day of ssrvice... nd president obama and theefirst ladd wiil be at an event today. vice president joe biden and his 3 thh wassington aree. 3& ervvce bbgan in 1994 aa away to honor civil rights leader 3 3 the 13th aanual martin lluherr &pking junior parade kkckk off will feature coomunity marching bands, high-stepping now live from martin lutter king boulevard wherr the parade will begin. 3 &p
7:09 am
3 at noon.. the parade will march -3 pouth on martinnlutter king boulevard ending at baltimore street.
7:10 am
,3 a wanna-be ttief makes a not-so-cllan getaway. getawayy.ou hhae to check out this nbelievable video.. juss pphe clear... he falls through the ccilinn of a liquor store. by the timeepooice arrived.. the an wws gone... but they track him down.this ii the into the store through the roof. 3 a little boy who as boon &pwithout arms receives aa jameson was -3 born ttis way... doccor's &pcan't explain why.his family started raising money for prosthettcs last november.they were tryyng tt come uppwith 3 peighborhors organiied a ffndraiserrto hlp. 3 "a llttle boy wrote us a give ffve doolars to jamesoo oot of his piggy bank." bankk""it's just been amazing - to see him like pull thii uu 3 would have to holl the oy or teether now he can o it." it."
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3jaamson's nnw arms will also help with hand eye coordinntion, distance and vision depth. 3 check youu ride before heading pwo ppular vehicles being reealled.. and what you should do if you own one of them. áátony adlibsáá 3& you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all & morning.
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3&p a school bus driier in texas ends p crashinn into a motel's swimming pool! police say thh drivvr lost cootrol of the bus on an acccss road and crashed wwrr no ssudents on board nd no oneewas injuuee.
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,3 3
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3 coming up... 3 tte mmst hated woman in america".. is ccming to tth 3 surprising persoo a new t-v movie about the casey anthony trial... will focus on. 3 and next... it fightssmore - thhn wrinkles.thh other ailmenttbotox is now being used to trrat. you're - watching fox 45 mornnng news.. all local.. all mmrning. -
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new this morning... another recall is out foo & more than 700-thousand honda "odyssey mnivans" and "pilot s-u-vs" thh & driverrs-sidd airbag could be missing ertain partssthat &pwill allow it to ánotá ddploy podelssinccude 20-09 to 20-13 pilots and 20-11 to 20-11 & ooysseys. just -3& last onth the company recalledd800-thousand of the -3 same modeled vvhicles because of iggition key roblems.
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3 the verdict that shocked the entire nation is premiering tonight as a 3 actor "rob lowe" is starring in "prosecuting casey anthony". lowe will play "jeff asston".....he - florida rosecutor in the trial.. he mooie is rom ashton's perspective and wwll take viewers behind the scenes into the 3 anthony's daughter. 3 at 8 p-m. 3 adults wiih overaative bladder re seeking a new form oo treatmenn. the f-d-a has approved "botox" for those &pwho don't respond wwll to other medications. the mmdicine usually used as a now being injjcted & pnto the bladder uscle causing it to relaxxand 3 experts say stock as been up 66months. 3&p "stephen colbert's" sister issplanning a run for congress. sourccs & say ""lizabeth colbert-buschh wants to et the democratic
7:21 am
3 seat is vacant bbcause of tim scottts appointment to the senatt.. but elizabeth will have to fight for it....theetraaitionally "right-leaning" seat has several republicans after it. coming up... keeppyour enemies closs?the one thing you probably have on you right now.. that actually carries the flu virus. 3 ann the ravens need 3 tom brady tomorrow. the dirty tricks the raaens defensivv coordinator might pull inntheeafc chaapionship..ou're watchiig fox 45 morning nnws.. all local...all morning. 3 ((break 3))
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3 ttis weekend is an eeciting one for hockey fans.the n-h-l season starts... but itts a season thaa almost dddn't & happen.because of labor disputes....faas, players and coaches got a late start and a shortened seaaoo. but at the rink " washingtonn caps" players are baak for practtce trials. they say he excitement level is high....and a short seaasn ii better than no season at all. 3 coming up.. &p3 don't waste yoor money.the two things you eed to look out for... that coulddlet you knoo... if that brrnd new gift card is really aafakee 3 ((amber live - adlib))you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. -3
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3 3 3&p 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 we are onll one 3 day away from finding out if the ravens are the team of destiny so many of us hopee they are.. let's head up to thh stadium where it will all ppay out....joel d smith has been in new england for a couple days and now we hear the purple reinforcements are
7:32 am
oo the way! - 3 good morning joel d. 3 not much competition yyt for football eecitement 3 ..... feels like any other january weekend. 3 3 3 áááchat with joell
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3 d.ááá
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3 p,3 we''e following ray's last ride all the way to the our stories on the ravens playoffs.... hear raw & interviews from the players... pnd find other web inks yy going to our wwbsite... foxbaltimore ddt com. click on thh "ray's last ide" banner on our homepage. p the way like the you buy tickets too the way you puy tickets to big events llke phe ravens or concerts coold changg. maryland's highest court ruled that service fees charged by ticketmaatee is similar to scalpingg -3 hat decision cculd end that scaaping. that
7:35 am
33buyers getting refunds. it all stems from aaclass action lawsuit broughtt n federal ccurt in 2011. attorneys that brought the lawsuit claim service charges are a way of masking he real used to drive up the price of 3 p3 new this morninng.. medical examiners are looking for clues intt hoo a lottery pwnner diee shortly after fiiding out he was getting a million ddlllr jackpot. the body of urooj khhn was exhumed yesterday outsideeof chicago. it wasstaken o the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. his death was originally ruled natural... but a relative ttxicology results showed khan died from cyanide poisoning. 3 "cyanide, over the post ortem ppriod, actually cann essentially vaporatt and possibll that cyanide thaa was - in the tissues is nn longgr in the tissues after several months. we'll just ave to ee how the results play out." out." medical mmy have been poisoned.
7:36 am
3 flu season is 3 country haad... and earlier &pthan expected. 3 the rd croos says with the virrs aa an epidemic -3 has seen lower than expected turnoutt "o-negative" and "b--egative" blood ttpps. but the red cross is warniig donors to wait until they no longer have -&pflu sympttos to donate. 3 we've heard aaout the ttaditional ways of passing the fluuvirus. like caughing....sneezin g.....nn not washing youu hands...but many forgettabout using your phone and then sitting it on your ed, diniig - table, or even llnning it to your child passes the virus on. o doctors suggest you clean your device make sure yoo wash your hands. 3 it's not just your credit card that they're after...theives are now &p3 take a look at this american express gift card....
7:37 am
it looks just like one you would find in your local grocery store. but if you ake a closer look....yyo can see the barr investigaaors say scammers are putting the oney yours. . 3 pwhat they do is they photocopy this baa code and then they place itton the othee cards just bb lipping a pieee of paper in there. and -& you would never know until you took t home and ripped it apart." apart." police say phe best way to make sure - thhrr is money on your caad is to gooonliie and check the 3 the 13th annual martin luther king junioo parade kicks off pprade not only honors the civil riihtssleadee but also those who have made n efforr to carrr oo his legacy..- legacy.ambbr miller joins s now live from the tart oo the paraae oute downtown. downttwn..- 3 the parade will -3 march south on martin luther king boulevard ending att baltimore street.a press
7:38 am
conference at city hall is scheduled for 10:30 this morning to kick off celebrations. 3 ááchat wiih amberáá
7:39 am
3 3 ááchat wwth amberáá
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3 3 people frrm around the country will come to baltimoreetonight to honor edgar allan poe.andd this year youuwill alss get an fox shoo at the same time. nats pats 3 at thh annual edgar allan poee birthday bash in baltimorr &pthere will be a sneak peek 3 "the following." kevin bacon -& plays a former f-b-i agent who's called out of retirement to track ddwn aa escaped prisoner.thh
7:41 am
show is insppird & by the works of edgar allan poe... and the prisoner even miiick'' criines he read about in poe's works. 3 edgarrallan poe'ss2044h & birthdayybash will take place at westminster hall located at 519 ww.fayette streettii 3 and you canncatch ""he on monday at 9pm right here on pfx45. 3 coming up... 3 puuple pride... is always in style.the hottest raaens gear.. that yoo can still get your ands on before tomorrow's big game. 33&páááony adlibsáá 3 you're watching fox 45 morning
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3 it's not too latt... to look pour best!where you ccn go to get your hands on some last - watchhng fox 45 morning newss. all locaa.. all morning.
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33((bumm in)))- 3 it's a purple frenzy in baltimore... as we - frenzy in baltimore... as we all get ready foorthe afc ravens aad patriots.. pif you haven't gotten decked out yet.. you still have ttme. ken ### from the zone superstore joins us this morninn with the latest
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3 us this morning with the latest styles for your with the latest us this mornnng pith the latesttstyles for your championship party.
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3 ///weather tease///you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((brrak 77)
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3 ((bbmp in)) 3 every fourryears, inauggratton & day marks the beginning of a pee chaater in ammrican history. history..nn if yyu'd ikk to do it in he style of the & nation's former commanders-in- chief.karin caifa gets us in the spirit. spirit. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- when it comes to politiccl "parties," there's none bigger than a presidential inaugration. and like aay good right "spirit," perhaps best served, with a little ii of history.derek brrwn of washington's columbii oom describes a long tradition entertainment side oo it, butt thh fact iss presidents are also just peoplestarting wiih - his
7:55 am
own whiskeyydistillery, ppst-presidency...deeinitely george washington enjoyed a tipple or two...through -d-r,, 3 phe table.he enjoyed ccckkails, he enjoyed scotch, he enjoyed chhmppgne, and ii that's not enough, the main peassn that we revere him is &pbecause he wws part of repealing prohiiitton..n thee 60s, thh arrival of camelot shooo up this town of bourbon prinkersswith a whole new paste.j-f-k was ddfinitely known for driiking one particular drink, and it's the daaquirr, which is a very washinnton dc drink. it ffrrt came to he united states in 19099ii wwshington, d-c, where it was served at he army-navy for what mighttbe in the current preeident's glass toocelebrate a second inaaguraaion -- other than the phite house-brewed raft beer, brown's not spilling.what else he drinks,,i'm afraid is a matter of a "state seccet," i puess. us bartenders who work in washington, d.c., we realize one thing. if we want a second erm, we don't say
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what politicians washington, i'm karin caifa. 3 3 3 3 ((7 day forecast)) 3
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